Future of Digital Marketing

Due to a rapid growth in internet penetration, companies today are using internet as a medium to promote their business online. Companies and agencies are in search of skilled professionals who can plan and execute marketing campaigns. There is a huge demand for digital marketing professionals, social media experts, SEO Professionals and this demand is growing.
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Digital Marketing is expected to grow more than 200% from 2011 to 2016 according to Forrester

What is Digital Marketing

Why Learn Digital Marketing?

Here are some reasons why you might consider career in digital marketing:

1. Growing demand for skilled professionals

Internet users in India is growing quickly and companies have started using SEO, Social media, mobile marketing, online advertisment and online PR. This rise in digital marketing has created an immense career opportunity. There is a growing need for trained professionals who can strategize, implement, and take full advantage of the digital media to accomplish the marketing goals of a company.

2. Multiple Options

Depending on your educational qualification and experience and skills, you will be offered position. you can work as social media executive, search engine professional, SEO Executive, internet marketing strategist, Digital PR executive, team leader, project manager, Manager of Strategy and Planning, web analyst etc.

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